Finally, all SunPro awnings include a seventh premium feature, a multi-use front bar to accommodate optional accessories, as a standard feature across the product line.
SunPro’s awnings also come in either straight or sea-wave fabric valances. Our high-quality valances are able to be easily removed and reinstalled by customers.
SunPro’s awnings come in three frame colors—white, bronze and beige—and are certain to dazzle customers’ eyes. Our dealers appreciate this premium feature that is made standard in all SunPro awnings. Not only are awnings made by SunPro highly functional and a breeze to use, but they give customers a lot of options when it comes to finding a color match that’s appropriate for their homes.
All SunPro’s awnings are also motorized and operated by a wireless remote control. Dealers appreciate this premium feature made standard with all SunPro awnings because of the ease and simplicity it brings to customers.
SunPro awnings’ integrated cassette housing protects awning fabric from weather damage, extending its life. Our integrated cassette housing is another popular premium feature that comes standard on all SunPro awnings.